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November 9, 2011



June 30, 2013

Classes start tomorrow! Looks as if I’ll be starting with Advanced Legal Research, Bankruptcy, and Business Law. 7 weeks then onto the next three topics. Looking at the course works I fear I may have bitten off more than i can chew. But fret not, I’ll perservere. I have to, my life depends on this. Wish me luck!


Also, in case anyone interested in getting certified as paralegal or as a legal secretary or even investigator, this is where I’m getting my certification from. Far as I can tell, the instructions are plenty complete. None of that “throwing into the deep end” stuff far as I can tell.


Ciao and signing off;

Peril P. Eagle

Birthday downer

June 11, 2013

So I’m turning 35 this Thursday. 5 years away from 40 and still working in this indamnable factory. It is quite depressing to realize that I will be celebrating my birthday without my beloved mother. I’ll still take the day off, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy it. I am really glad I’m getting things on track again. If I’m 40 and still working at the factory, then it’s my own damn fault and my mother would come back from the dead just to kick my in the ass and to say “get with the program already!” Ahh I love her so much. 


signing off;

Peril P Eagle

Bathroom Etiquette

June 10, 2013


Just because we’re standing shoulder to shoulder at the urinals does not mean you can talk to me. Can we please pee in silence?  My bladder will thank you.

Furthering My Education

June 4, 2013

I’ve realized that my paralegal certificate is now old. October 2011 old. I need my resume to look good. So with a bit of my inheritance, I signed up for advance paralegal certification.

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A New Kinda Suckitude

March 19, 2013

You may have noticed my disappearance, and some of you may have even gone so far as to wonder about me.

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Boob-tastic and unqualified

November 20, 2011

This is old news but is definitely whuck-worthy.

Gooch is a womanizer and a walking erection. All I can say is, dude, here’s a Kleenex…you’re drooling.

Speaking of douches…

I went to college with this fucktard! And his wife was a long time stylist of mine until they moved. What the hell is this world coming to?!

Signing off,

Peril p. Eagle

Job Fair Fail

November 19, 2011

Well all;

If you remember from Wednesday post, I was headed to a job fair. The city was unfamiliar to me. Anxiety was high as I tried to locate the convention center. Thanks God for Jobs, may he rest in peace (I’m sure there’s an app for that.) Using the map app on my Iphone, I found my way there. Had a close call with another car in my lane (headed my way!) Spent ten minutes looking for a place to park, and ran down my gas in the process. Finally, I parked. I got all my resumes together and headed in. I was decked to the nines, feeling good, looking good, etc etc etc.

Well, 90% of the potential employers were of the manufacturing/retail variety. The hospital was there so I walked over and introduced myself. I informed them that I had applied for the Legal Affairs Specialist. They informed me that it was filled. Cue “Ultimate Deflation.” I knew this would mark my evening. Sure enough, as I poked around and asked around, there were no positions for a recently certified paralegal. One small private college was looking for a web designer. I felt I had nothing to lose to ask about it and gave them my resume.

I walked out of there feeling quite defeated. I made sure not to show it. I strode out as apparently confident as I strode in. I got in my car (after a half-mile hike) and beat on the steering wheel. I drove off to find a gas station, filled up. I, then, drove off to my favorite shopping chain (not Wal-Mart) and purchased eggnog. Drove home and proceeded to drown my sorrows in glasses of eggnog.

This was a blow to my confidence. It shouldn’t have been. Rationally, I didn’t expect much but I was hoping all the same. It doesn’t help that I haven’t received any calls from anyone I’ve applied to. I was feeling low, blue, dejected and more depressed than just the seasonal allowance. I’ve since started to feel better and am getting back on the horse. For two days, I had felt like the factory is all I deserved to have, ridiculous I know.

Doesn’t help that my current boss is heaping ever more responsibilities on me without any official recognition for the assistant level status I’ve obviously attained. I checked my job description, it listed all my responsibilities (none of which were any that was heaped on me), but it also says “And any additional tasks deemed necessary by your supervisor.” Shit… So I can’t say no. I didn’t want this and he didn’t ask me. Nobody at work (except my ex) understands why I don’t want this. They think it is a good thing, but it isn’t. I am being set up to take a fall. This man had operated this way in all the supervisory positions he ever had. Someone becomes the “golden child” then after a year he chops them down brutally. I’m being targeted and I don’t know why! Yes, I possess initiative but I also kept my head down and did everything I am asked without questions nor expressions of doubt. Maybe he’ll break the pattern with me, but I’m not holding out hope.

I’m tired and am going to play Minecraft for a bit. Goodnight all.

Signing off;
Peril P. Eagle

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