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Thoughts on career change

October 28, 2011

I am feeling much better. That nyquil is good stuff.

So I’ve been lying here pondering my future and come to realize that I’m scared shitless.
This potential career move represents a complete 180 in the course of my life. I have BA in Art History and BS in Math, neither of which deals with the law in any form. My self-education pursuit has largely been centered around programming, design patterns, game designs, and web design and code. Again, no bearing on Law. I saw the course advertised in the local paper and was intrigued. I’ve done some research and read blogs that can give insights to day to day operations of being a paralegal, such as Paralegal Hell, A Paralegal’s Life, and Momalegal. As I read on, I realized there were rewards to be had on an intellectual scale. Entering in this field would give me a chance to exercise my brain.

This could serve to stave off the upcoming apathy I’m beginning to experience. You see, as long as I force myself to think, problem solve and have to juggle knowledge on a regular basis, I can keep the juices flowing and kickstart a manic minicycle( this is good by the way.) As long as I can initiate those brief moments of mental acuity, the darkness never sets quite so deep.

At my current job, there’s no thinking involved. The only problem solving is trying to figure out a proper workspace layout to meet the piece per hour they arbitrarily conceived, and lastly the only knowledge I’m juggling is the right way to put shit together( I could put it together in the “wrong order” and they’d never notice the difference. I adhere to the proper process, simply on principal. That damn work ethics of mine! 😉 )

So as a result, these past 3 winters have seen a deep dive into apathetic lifestyle and this coming winter threatens to be the same. I try to be mentally engaging on my own time but the discipline just isn’t there to encourage longevity of process. However due to the quality of my work ethics, if I was forced to mentally engage on a daily basis as a part of a JOB, I will engage, and the longevity would be there. In other words, I need external influences to help me through this funk.

Scared as I am, I am really looking forward to this 180. I still will work on my personal projects as I do so. One must have hobbies after all.

That is all there to be said (for now 😉 )

Signing off,

Peril P. Eagle

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