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Too little, too late…

November 7, 2011

My line leader called us all together to have an impromptu meeting. He walked us over to a white board where we keep track of current jobs. On it, he had written :

Initiative: introductory step.

{action, ambition, drive, inventiveness, assertive, agressive, enthusiasm}

Sally took the initiative to introduce herself to Billy and a friendship was born.

Apparently, some of us were lacking in intiative. The meeting took a surprising turn when he pointed at me and said “Peril here is a good example of someone who takes initiative. Half the time, I can’t keep up with him! He knows what needs to be done next and he sets it up and does it!”

Let me explain this further, every job is divided into opeartions, ie drill hole in upper cup, ream holes in lower cup, glue upper and lower cup together, glue rims on, and leak test them. What he is refering to is the fact that I move from one op to another. It’s only logical. I already know they want the job done, so naturally for the job to be done all of the ops must be finished. I don’t move from job to job just op to op. I always ask what’s next when I finish a job.

Apparently, everyone else ask what’s next when they finish an op. This seems to be an annoyance for him (the line leader). I really hated being in the limelight for something I have done for years with no recognition nor any expectations of such (it just needed to be done after all)

I appreciate that I am being recognized for my work ethics NOW. After four years of putting up with two-timing, throwing-under-buses, backstabbing, lying, cheating, ass-fucking, confidence-killing, politically-incorrect, racist, sexist, immature, childish, whining, bitching, never-satisfied, trite, contrived, unholy, unfaithful bullshit, it is a little bit too little, a little bit too late.

Sad thing is, they don’t know I’m looking and preparing to leave them. I’ll be soooo happy to drop that bomb when the time comes. This wednesday, the local Kelly Services is holding an open house. I’m going there with a cover letter and resume. They do temporary, part-time, or full-time professional placement. Good place to make contacts as well. Also, on the 16th there is an actual job fair with OVER 60 companies attending and still more signing on each day. I’ll be going to that with stacks! 🙂

Thanks for letting me vent!


Signing off,

Peril P. Eagle

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