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November 12, 2011

Warning: This will be completely unrelated to my job or the paralegal subject. If you are bored by talks of codes and classic games, then skip over this post. The rest of you…read on.

So what is a “Rogue-like”?

A Rogue-like is a game based on the classic game Rogue. Rogue is a text-based dungeon crawl created in 1980 for Unix systems.

What made this so popular then(and arguably still is today!) was the following:

  • randomly generated dungeons
    Gives the game replayability, since each game is different.
  • One life
    When you die, you die. You have to start a new game. This makes your in game decisions all the more important and improves immersion.
  • Text-based
    This was important in the early days of computers when graphic cards were unheard of. This also allows it to be played on any computer thanks to the low memory consumption and space.
  • Many different critters to attack
    Many games these days only offer a handful (or less) of types of enemies. In a rogue-like, you could literally have hundreds and hundreds types of enemies to watch out for.
  • Key command for everything
    Every action in the game had a key associated with it. i.e. Q for quaffing a potion.

One can have hours of fun playing rogue-likes due to the replayabilty of the games.

This is one of many projects I am working on in my spare time. Creating my own rogue-like using Python and the curses library for terminal/console control.

More will come later.

Signing off,

Perill P. Eagle

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