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Furthering My Education

June 4, 2013

I’ve realized that my paralegal certificate is now old. October 2011 old. I need my resume to look good. So with a bit of my inheritance, I signed up for advance paralegal certification.

This time around, there will be specialization. I could choose up to 6 to pursue. I chose the following:

  • Advanced Legal Research (Westlaw is confusing and overwhelming, I need to tame that beast)
  • Water Law (I’m moving to Colorado, it’s important to improve my marketability.)
  • Intellectual Property Law (simply because it interests me.)
  • Bankruptcy Law (again marketability. I won’t do criminal law because I know it’ll break me. I cannot afford to mess with my mental health.)
  • Business and Corporate Laws
  • Real Property Laws (apparently goes hand in hand with Bankruptcy and business laws)

So you see, I haven’t been idle. To make my resume look even better, I decided to invest in Legal Investigation certification, as well. Might help with claims or whatever.

I continue to have a plan and am continuing to see it through. I’ve already chosen and began training my successor. It is weird knowing that I will be leaving that place. I’ve been there so long (6 years in July) that it has inevitably become a part of me. It has defined who I am as a person as well, whether I want to admit to it or not.   It had also made me realize the class of people I will not willingly nor knowingly associate with.

To borrow my mother’s terminology, these are people with low-budget mentality. These people exist in every socio-economic stratum. Example, my former boss in a DME company has a decent business, but remained shortsighted on expenditures, unable to see the long-term gain, only the short-term loss. Admittedly, the vast majority of low-budget people exist in the poverty stratum. As illustrated so painfully by the population of the factory I work in.

I realize I may be coming across as contemptuous, snooty, and snobbish. I have dated a few people and befriended others from this class, I am speaking from experience. When these people discover you have ambition they will seek to embed a seed of doubt within you. Others will simply cling to you and ask for help often. It starts out innocuous at first, miniscule fires to be put out. However, longer you stick around, the bigger the fires. Soon you are so busy putting out their fires that you neglected to fan the one fire that matters, your drive. Because of these associations, I have found myself on a slippery slope to mediocrity, ambivalence, and apathy.

These are the people I have to leave behind and keep behind me. They exist everywhere and I must be vigilance. I no longer have my mother’s sound judgment to rely upon. She had this knack of knowing what kind of person he/she is upon first meeting. She had said that low-budget, ambitious, evil, manipulative, and good people all have certain ways they carry themselves. She’d have been so good at poker. Since my mother died, I observed my co-workers closely to gather clues I should notice in others when I move. Last thing I need is a friend or significant other that can potentially unravel every thread I had so painfully pulled together to make something wonderful.

I seem to be rambling, ‘tis the season for that I guess. I am in my manic cycle and getting a lot done. I will cease this rambling and go pursue my hobbies before my classes start in July. Ciao.

Signing off;

Peril P Eagle


P.S. I have changed my byline (subtitle?). Let me know what you think.

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