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I really can’t say too much about myself lest I reveal who I am.

I’ve completed college and hold TWO degrees, I’m still schlepping due to circumstances beyond my control. Currently, I schlep in a factory. I need to leave so I attended a paralegal certification program through Legal Studies and passed. Now I’m looking for a new job.

A few thing you should know about me:

  • I’m Bipolar II with SAD lathered on
  • I am extremely versatile with a computer
  • I hate WinsuckTM and love Linux and Mac
  • I’ve taught myself PHP, Javascript, HTML (spec 3.1 +), Python, C#, C++, and learning more
  • I’m an avid Gamer, and am a MegaFan of the classics
  • I’m a Minecrack (read Minecraft) addict, and Dwarf Fortress as well
  • I am a writer and artist (proficient? I dunno)

Anyway, Email me if you have questions you want questions answered.


Signing off,

Peril P. Eagle

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